The Sports Betting Industry

The sports betting sector has changed significantly over recent years. Nowadays, in addition to traditional sports such as horse races, football or boxing, it is also possible to bet on nearly all sports events. Currently, Tipico has bets in 23 different sports and numerous combinations in its programme. Untouched on the top but still remains the bet on football events from all over the world.

However, being a private sports betting provider on the German market was not always a walk in the park. Only in 2010 the European Court of Justice declared the gambling monopoly by the state for illegal. Thereafter, fifteen states agreed to a State Treaty on Gambling in December 2011. Only Schleswig-Holstein decided not to join and passed a bill to reform gambling which entailed the granting of licenses to private providers. In May 2012, Tipico Co. Ltd. received a license valid till 2019 in Schleswig-Holstein as one of the first private sports betting providers.

In all other states, the awarding of licenses has been stopped up to now. The legal examination of the licensing process continues.