As a Tipico franchise partner you will be professionally supported in the planning, the setting up and the operation of your shop by our experienced staff. Also in the search for new commercial objects and expansion possibilities, our team will provide you advice. In everyday life, our partners’ naturally focus on the smooth running of the betting process in their shops. Here you can count on our reliable technology. We are happy to give you an overview.


For customers who want to place a bet, the speedy and uncomplicated placing of their bets has priority. The reliable recording and secure transmission of data is especially important to us. Therefore, Tipico uses one of the best central till system for the bet registration in Europe according to experienced franchisees and independent experts. No other system combines such a variety of functions with simple operation and speed.


In order to relieve the cashiers in peak periods, the Tipico betting terminal offers an alternative of placing a bet in Tipico shops. The terminal’s intuitive operating via touch screen makes it easy for the customer to place a bet. Who does not want to select his matches manually can also insert his filled betting cards. Bets can be paid by inserting coins or banknotes, by redeeming coupons or by debiting the Tipico Card.

Winnings and remaining credits are paid out in the form of vouchers or credited automatically to a Tipico Card, if used. In addition to the sports bets offer, the Tipico betting terminal also provides comprehensive information and statistics on the events and the teams.


The multi-touch terminal consists of a betting point with five self-service betting terminals. Up to five customers can use the touchscreens to place their bets simultaneously. The betting details are saved directly to the Tipico customer account. This means there is no need to print the ticket at the till.

Of course, the customer can also access the live betting conference and the complete range of betting options here. The tried-and-tested terminal software is preinstalled. The multi-touch terminal also contains Tipico’s full information services. It can only be used with the Tipico Card.